This Leap iteration had only three students. This was an amazing opportunity as it made everything more intense and, thus, more productive. Our main project, The Mush-Room, was one of our most rewarding experiences yet, as it really took us on a holistic adventure that completely put us out of our comfort zones and made us learn so many new things.

The Mush-Room

Fueled by the desire to become self-sustainable, the students decide to pursue a project that would allow them to obtain the skills to build their own house. Tied to the constraints of a six week block and a budget close to zero, the kids were confronted by one of the biggest and most important aspects that will make or break a project: scope.
After days of research, talks and workshops, the students decided on making three different structures: a 1v geodesic dome that would house a mushroom farm, a 2v geodesic dome that would become the first student built classroom at GS, and a stardome designed to be a resting area.
Going through idea to execution, the students were required not only to learn how to build these structures, but they were challenged with figuring out how to fund the project, how to grow mushrooms and how to communicate their doings to the world through social media.
It took them right to the last day, but three beautiful bamboo domes are now standing around our campus.