The LEAP 2.3 Gang

This crew makes the final LEAP group of the 2016-2017 school year. With exclusively Grade 10 and 11 students and no time to dilly dally, this gang pushed forward some amazing projects. The gang is:


noan_nameI have been in Green School for a while, and always have admired the power of intrinsically motivated learning. So, I jumped at the chance to join the LEAP Academy, where I hope to see students thrive in an environment of their own creation.

Waste has always been a topic I veer away from with students, largely because in my experience we have never created an appealing platform in how to properly cover waste. Whenever we try, we build a bit of an ecophobic element around it, or externalize the responsibility. So it is with great hope that in LEAP Academy we can create a new, more progressive platform to learn about waste.

If you want to see what I have been up to in more detail, please check out my digital CV.


Fort Circuit Playground

Green School, arguably, has one of the coolest campus in the world. But, something was just missing. I mean, how can you have a school in the jungle without a super fun playground? For our students, this was unacceptable. So, they decided to do something about it. During a period of six weeks, a team 12 strong, designed, budgeted, seeked approval for and built a closed cuircuit playground. And, since they’re pretty responsible, they decided to do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This meant that the whole thing was made either out of recycled materials, like truck tires, or natural materials, like bamboo. It was a messy, exhausting and tough project, but they managed to pull it off. Now, as one enters the school, one can always see a bunch of kids laughing and running thanks to the work of our leapers.

Bone Collection Kits

For this project, we had the desire to explore the world of Morphology. We wanted to study the anatomy of all kinds of different animals and create bone kits so that could later be used to teach science classes. In order to do this, we went all over the island looking for all sorts of different dead animals. Our search was extensive, as it covered zoos, vets and even road kill. By the end, we had a collection that included a snake, a cow, a pig, different kinds of birds, a frog, a lizard and a kitten. Once in possession of the bodies, we put them underground and waited weeks for them to decomposed. After a bit of time, we dug them back up and carefully bathed them in hydrogen peroxide for another few days, as we waited for the bones to become all white and shiny. When ready, we packed them, labeled them and donated them to the school’s science lab.